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About CTAcademy

CTAcademy is more than 10 years experienced and most trusted stock market advisory company in India. We guide “Mantra’s of Stocks Trading” strategies and predict market direction accurately by using our trading strategies (Accuracy rate is more than 87.86% as per our previous records) and we give recommendations levels to you in advance (intraday/positional) i.e. before market opening for any particular Script/stock.

We have done extensive mathematical calculations & decoded advanced trading techniques…

Mid-cap Stocks Service

Why Include In Your Portfolio

The historical performance of midcap stocks is equal to or in many cases better than both large-cap and small-cap stocks, it’s important to point out that performance isn’t the only reason to include mid-caps in your portfolio. Several others make them very tempting indeed.

Example – most mid-cap stocks are simply small caps that have grown bigger. Extra growth makes them the stepping stones to becoming large-cap businesses. Part of growing is buy testosterone cypionate online with credit card obtaining Extra financing to fuel expansion. Mid-cap stocks generally have an easier time of it than small caps do..

Stock Selection process

We see company’s earnings are heading in the right direction include higher gross margins and operating margins combined with lower inventories and accounts receivable. and it routinely turns its inventory and receivables faster or not, it helps usually leads to higher cash flow and increased profits or not.We see It’s important to invest in companies with strong balance sheets and revenue and earnings growth are the two most important factors for long-term returns.

We consider mid-cap stocks they should the quality of revenue growth. We focus on Gross and operating margins are increasing at the same time as revenues, it’s good sign the company is developing greater economies of scale resulting in higher profits. and important is Reasonable Price

Warren Buffett believes that “It is far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.”


With mid-cap stocks, it is important to remain patient. The portfolio will not grow in a year and there is no point stressing over it. It will take a minimum period of one to Two years for the stocks to grow, hence being patient will help.

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fundamentally strong companies trading at attractive prices with a profound understanding of mathematical calculations.

Yearly Recommendations

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All recommendations will be sent on a real-time basis via telegram or whatapps


We will send you instant updates on telegram or whatapps Entry level, Book profit, exit.


Right Entry, Exit, Book profit, Patience and most important follow our real time updates.

At least 12 recommendations

Expected returns of at least
15% to 25%
over a period of one year.

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Past performance – Mid-cap

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ScriptDateReco Price (Rs)Sold Price (Rs) % Gain

Note- Assuming minimum 2 lots have been traded in each recommendation,

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