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Cash Stock Intraday Product is specially developed to help you to swim with the big sharks (professional & hedge funds traders)

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About CTAcademy

CTAcademy is more than 10 years experienced and most trusted stock market advisory company in India. We guide “Mantra’s of Stocks Trading” strategies and predict market direction accurately by using our trading strategies (Accuracy rate is more than 87.86% as per our previous records) and we give recommendations levels to you in advance (intraday/positional) i.e. before market opening for any particular Script/stock.

We have done extensive mathematical calculations & decoded advanced trading techniques…

Cash Intraday Service

We have picked the sweetest stock in the Nifty, but profiting from it will rely on strategies. Our Intraday strategies are as numerous as traders themselves, but by sticking to certain CTAcademy Strategies’, looking for certain intraday trading signals, Market News, mathematical calculations and more..Big players in the stock intraday market are hedgers & speculators. A hedger tries to minimize risk by buying or selling now to avoid rising or declining prices in the stock Intraday. Conversely, the speculator tries to profit by buying or selling now in anticipation of rising or declining prices.

Our Intraday/Positional Strategies

1. Trade only with the current intraday trend.
2. Trade strong stocks in an uptrend, weak stocks in a downtrend.
3. Be patient, wait for the pullback.
4. Take regular profits.
5. When the market stalls, don’t play.

We are studying from the last 10 year on the Stock Intraday and we understood the best strategies how the professional traders and portfolio managers trade and earn huge profits. With the help of “Stock Intraday” you will Identifying the right stocks for Intraday trading involves isolating the current market trend from stock news, result and many more… and then capitalizing on that trend. Certain features like liquidity, volatility, and correlation – characterise the best intraday trading stocks, but it’s also important to apply the right entry and exit strategies.

Get the best feature:

Daily Recommendations

1-2 Intraday calls or 4-9 Monthly Positional calls in Stock Intraday Service will provide with up to 85-90% accuracy.


All recommendations will be sent on a real-time basis via telegram or whatapps


Right Entry, Exit, Stop Price, update trailing Stop Loss, Book profit, Patience till market closing and most important follow our real-time updates.

Trading ideas

We generate Stock Intraday recommendations with a profound understanding of mathematical calculations.


We will send you instant updates on telegram or whatapps Entry level, buy triggered price, stop loss, Trailing Stop loss, half profit, full profit, exit.

Past performance – Cash Intraday

(Only closed recommendations are listed here)


ScriptDateReco Price (Rs)Sold Price (Rs) % Gain


ScriptDateReco Price (Rs)Sold Price (Rs) /cmp% Gain
L&T19-05-2020830888 CMP7%
AUROPHARMA04-05-2020650722 CMP11%

Note- Assuming minimum 2 lots have been traded in each recommendation,

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