Growth hormone buy cheap, low prices, reviews

Growth hormone buy cheap, low prices, reviews

Growth hormone buy cheap, low prices, reviews

This topic talks about growth hormone. What is this drug, what is it taken for. What results can be achieved with it, side effects, as well as the result before and after.

Growth hormone, description, application.

How growth hormone affects humans?

Growth hormone (gr) – is a protein that is produced by a specific part of the brain – the pituitary gland. It stimulates the transport of amino acids to muscles and thus saturates them. Growth hormone also affects fatty acids. With the help of it, fat is oxidized and broken down, and the energy that is generated from this process helps to enhance the anabolic effect throughout the body..

In general, growth hormone is used to:

– To increase growth. If the zones are not closed, then with it you can add a few more centimeters.

– Burn fat and reduce body fat.

– To strengthen the joints, for example, after an injury or for an early recovery.

– Rejuvenation. It is GR that Hollywood stars use and look so great.

– Just to strengthen immunity.

– Well, and what it is most often used for is the growth of muscle mass. Growth hormone is able to increase the number of cells in the muscle, which makes the muscles much larger. If we compare it with steroids, then as a result of taking illegal drugs, the cells only increase in size and swell. That is why, after their cancellation, there is such a strong rollback back, which the gr.

Its cons:

– Growth hormone in large quantities provokes the growth of internal organs, as well as ears, nose, and other parts of the body. But ordinary amateurs, in our opinion, should not be afraid of this. These “side effects” of growth hormone are possible only at very high dosages, which are used by professional athletes. From 50 units per day. It is often possible to see bodybuilders with big bellies and an elongated jaw … Some of them really acquired such features due to growth hormone.

– A very expensive price. A course of even the cheapest non-original growth hormone will cost at least $ 500 and not everyone can afford it

– Duration of the course. To see the first changes and the work of the gr, at least a month must pass.

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Side effects

Unfortunately, like many other drugs, it is not devoid of growth hormone and side effects. The main ones include:

1. Tunnel syndrome (pain in joints and ligaments), appears after about a month of taking, clearly signals that the growth hormone has begun to work.

2. Oppression of the thyroid gland. One of the most serious problems from taking growth hormone. If your course is delayed, or high dosages are used, then it is recommended to take medications to maintain it..

3. Also from taking growth hormone there may be high blood pressure, and fluid retention.

How to calculate the dosage of growth hormone on an insulin syringe?

Growth hormone vials usually contain 4 or 10 units of the working substance. It is best to dilute gr with water for injection or the solvent that is usually included in the kit. Dosages are highly variable. But in our opinion, for a man it is quite enough – 10 units per day, and for a girl 5 units. Let’s consider how to correctly calculate the dosage of growth hormone on an insulin syringe. Let’s say a girl weighing 50 kg wants to put herself 5 units of gr. She takes a bottle of 10 units of active ingredient. Dilutes it with 1 cube of water for injection and gains 50 units, that is, half of an insulin syringe. This means that one ten single bottle will be enough for 2 days. The growth hormone should be injected into the fat fold on the abdomen, at an angle of 45 degrees. The best time to inject is in the morning..

This is how 5 units of growth hormone look on an insulin syringe, provided that 1 ml is dissolved

Growth hormone: what to choose ?

Today there are quite a few manufacturers of gr. For example, such as: Jintropin, Ansomon, Kigtropin, Highgetropin, Dinatrop, Norditropin, Blue Tops, Canada Peptide, Nordex and others. However, in this topic we will try to talk about the main types of growth hormone that are most often used by our athletes. It is subdivided into two kinds of original and non-original. Originality is an almost complete guarantee of quality, but a high price. Not the original – it means that this product is made by a plant that does not have a license for that, that is, in fact, the manufacturer can put anything there, passing off as growth hormone. The only plus of this type of growth hormone is its low price. In 2014 it was possible to buy a pack of 100 units for only 2,800-3,000 thousand rubles. However, even here work products come across. Let’s look at the most popular types of growth hormone.

1. Kigtropin (Kigtropin).

Not the original growth hormone. Started to be manufactured in China in 2006 by Kigtropin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Unfortunately, in 2013 at the Olympic Games there was a big doping scandal and the plant producing this growth hormone was closed. Since then, it has been produced clandestinely and with varying quality. As evidenced by negative reviews about him.

Currently, Kigtropin is practically not found on the market. And as a rule, it is of very low quality. Definitely – this growth hormone is better not to buy.

May 2018 – Kigtropin is still very rare and does not “shine” with high quality.

December 2018 – Kigtropin is almost completely gone. You can rarely meet him, the quality is not known. We also do not have in stock.

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2. Jintropin

The original highly purified growth hormone. Manufactured since 2005. One of the most popular types of growth hormone, the demand increases the legendary character of this product. He was the very first to appear on the territory of the Canadan Federation and neighboring countries.

Jintropin has protection against counterfeiting, for example, a non-holographic sticker, as well as some other gadgets to distinguish a factory pack from a fake one. Not bad for both weight gain and weight loss. Suitable for both guys and girls. The disadvantages of this growth hormone include a relatively high price. So for November 2016, 100 units of Jintropin cost about 14 thousand rubles. Perhaps it is this growth hormone that practically does not retain water and is ideal for drying.

Jintropin is also one of the few growth hormones that is great for girls, and given that the weaker sex does not need large dosages of somatropin, the course is relatively inexpensive. You can buy Jintropin at a pharmacy or from us. The current price is 13,000 rubles for 100 units.

Update for January 2018: Jintropin is just as good and still hasn’t shocked in quality. However, underground hormones have tightened up and are gradually starting to catch up with him in all respects. So, according to the latest chromatographic analyzes of the growth hormone ATM Technologies, it can be concluded that it is in no way inferior to the popular Jintropin. Therefore, if you want to buy an inexpensive growth hormone and at the same time save money, then you can take a closer look at this brand.

May 2018 – Due to the suicide of the official distributor of Jintropin, the supply of this growth hormone to Canada has ceased. And soon it will disappear from the shelves.

December 2018 – as before, the remains of Jintropin can be found in single pharmacies. But in our online store it is not.

3. Ansomone.

Manufacturer – Anhui Anke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (China). Produced both for the domestic market in China and for other countries. It has a high degree of purification and meets all European quality standards. Available as a white lyophilized powder. Due to the fact that Ansomon is the original growth hormone and is cheaper than Jintropin Eurofam, it has become very popular in Canada. In 2014, it could be found at almost any seller, Ansomone was ubiquitous. However, when a new growth hormone, Highgetropin, appeared on the market, Ansomon’s positions began to fall..

As of September 2017 – Haygetropin began to lose its position due to the high number of fakes, Ansomon, on the other hand, underwent restyling and reappeared in our country and became even better than before. The high price, the only negative of this growth hormone. In our online store you can buy 100 Ansomon units for 8,500 using the link .

January 2018. There is a small but stable growth in Ansomon’s purchases. This is most likely due to the fact that many large sellers began to put it on the shelves of their stores..

May 2018. Ansomon’s distributor in Canada died. Therefore, it is almost impossible to buy this growth hormone..

December 2018. Ansomon completely disappeared.

4. Highgetropin

In our opinion, Higegetroin is the most promising growth hormone today. Has a high degree of purification and meets all European standards, Hygetropin is cheaper than all originals in price, but it is not yet an original itself. The disadvantage of this growth hormone is its instability. That is, one time you can buy a quality product, and the other is completely or half empty..

As of September 2017, the number of counterfeits exceeds the quality growth hormones. Therefore, we can recommend only highgetropin.bus of the old model, you can order by the link .

January 2018. There is practically only one Hygetropin left on the market –, is a fairly high-quality growth hormone for its price, but the past notoriety negatively affects demand.

May 2018. Nothing has changed.

December 2018. Hagetropin has become much smaller. It became hard to find it, the quality is a lottery. We do not have this growth hormone available.

4. Growth hormone Nordex Somatotropin

A good hormone, growth hormone, especially when you consider its price. So, on average, 100 units of this drug will cost you only 5,500 rubles. Growth hormone Nordex, is of average quality, according to unconfirmed data, the purification is 96.3%, which is a good indicator, but slightly falls short of prestigious brands. The vial contains 10 units of the active substance, but in reality it turned out to be slightly more than nine, which is not acceptable for premium quality growth hormones, but normal for a non-original drug, which is Nordex.

The pluses include – good sealing of bottles, which means that growth hormone is produced on good equipment. And also stability. In general, we can recommend Nordex growth hormone for you if you are looking for good quality, inexpensive growth hormone. As of September 2017, Nordex has taken into account its mistakes, the quality is noticeable enantat 400 grew, and became on a par with the original growth hormones. We can recommend this growth hormone. At the moment, we are running a promotion according to which 300 units of this somatropin can be purchased for only 15,000 rubles. Details of the action .

As of January 2018. A new, more modern form of Nordex growth hormone has appeared – namely, its liquid form. Despite the same names, in reality, both drugs have nothing in common. The raw materials from which these goods are produced are completely different, and the production technology and even factories where these growth hormones are “forged” are different from each other.

The new form of one of the most famous growth hormones has proven to be very successful. The performance characteristics of Liquid Nordex are far superior to the dry form of GR. As evidenced by numerous reviews, here is an example of one of them. Manufacturers have taken care of the shelf life of this growth hormone. Many users do not trust the liquid form, believing that it can quickly deteriorate. However, in reality, growth hormone can feel great for up to 3 weeks at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, 6-7 weeks at a temperature of 15-17 degrees and at least 2 years when a solution with an active substance is in the refrigerator. This time is more than enough for transportation. But unfortunately, it was not without a fly in the ointment in a barrel of honey. About 5% of users who have purchased Nordex Liquid Growth Hormone have bumps and redness at the injection sites, which can itch and itch. According to the manufacturers, this is a reaction to one of the substances that is present in the solution and is necessary for its stable storage. This problem is fairly easy to solve. First, you need to smear the affected skin with traxivosin Neo ointment with heparin, this will quickly remove everything buy domestic steroids symptoms. Then, for a couple of weeks, we take anti-allergic drugs such as suprastin and diphenhydramine. This will completely solve the problem. Oddly enough, then, even if you repeat the course after a few months without medication, the problem of redness-bumps no longer arises.

Kentucky Supplement 2018

Chromo analysis of liquid growth hormone Nordex

Liquid hormone Nordex, has a very high purity, excellent performance. And while it suits even girls, which already speaks volumes. This is the purest somatropin, without unnecessary bells and whistles and at an attractive price, which works as it should. Therefore, for January 2018, we put this growth hormone in the first place in the ranking of famous brands. And we advise you to buy it. On our site, there is a promotion for which 300 units of the vaunted somatropin, you can buy at a good discount. We do not know what will happen next, because the liquid growth hormone Nordex has just appeared. Perhaps the manufacturer specifically made the first lots of premium quality with minimal wrapping in order to attract more customers, as it sometimes happens, so that then gradually squeezing the qualities to profit from athletes. Perhaps this is the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation. It is difficult to predict yet. But at the moment (January 2018), we believe that an ordinary athlete who wants to buy a quality drug without overpaying is best suited for the liquid version of Nordex growth hormone.

May 2018. Several months of active “treatment” with Nordex, in particular with the liquid form, revealed the deficiencies of this growth hormone. Firstly, in low temperatures, he did not always survive the delivery, especially to distant regions and spoiled. Another main “scourge” – bumps and redness at the injection sites, they began to complain about this more often. In general, if price is not the main criterion, then other growth hormones can be considered..

December 2018. Nordex active counterfeits. If earlier it was possible to distinguish a fake from the original by special marks on the lid, as well as the expiration date. Now this can no longer be done. Severe dumping, plain water instead of an active substance (there is also such a thing), bumps and a strong immune reaction. Make us give up this growth hormone.

5. Genopharm

A good growth hormone, many say that the cost is somewhat overpriced. Genopharm purification is 97.3%, for comparison, the pharmacy Jintropin has 97.5%. The amount of real active substance is 10.9 units, although only 10 are declared.

That is, Genopharm can give odds even to some original growth hormones. And the stable quality only confirms our words. Cons: Probably a high price for the underground. Today, a pack of 10 vials of 10 units will cost 7,000 rubles (although in fact there are 10 vials of 10.9 units). But considering that this growth hormone has the quality of the original drug, we can confidently say that it is the best offer on the market today (November 2016). As of September 2017, it can be noted that Genopharm is beginning to displace growth hormones such as Nordex and, which induject 250 are much cheaper and have noticeably improved their quality. People understand this and do not want to overpay. May 2018. The supplies of Genopharm have significantly decreased, so in order to receive this product, you have to wait several weeks until it is brought from China. Quality remains high.

December 2018. The growth hormone Genopharm is at least slightly, but still present on the market. The quality remains consistently high, but in our opinion the price is somewhat overpriced. Genopharm is out of stock in our online store.

6. Somatropin ATM Technologies

This growth hormone has appeared in our country not so long ago, but it has already become widely used by many athletes. The country of origin China does not inspire confidence among potential buyers, but do not forget that 80% of all pharmaceutical drugs are from China, and everyone’s favorite growth hormone Jintropin, which is recognized by many as one of the best, is also produced in China. Somatropin ATM Technologies has truly the highest purity, according to (May 2018) – 99.3%, which explains its better fat burning properties compared to other growth hormones that we have been able to try. You can find detailed information here .

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The side effects of this growth hormone should be discussed separately. Firstly, you never see bumps or bruises after injections, which some other growth hormone companies sin. Secondly, tunnel syndrome, which prevents many people from sleeping, is practically absent here and manifests itself very, very mildly. Thirdly, due to the highest purification and compliance with GMP standards, it is not necessary to use medications to maintain health (pancreas and thyroid glands) with the correct use and use of the drug – 2-3 months, due to the minimum load on the body. Provided that growth hormone is taken by an initially completely healthy person. Fourthly – great for both men and girls.

Another not unimportant fact is that there is a good vacuum inside each vial of ATM Technologies growth hormone, thanks to which this drug can easily withstand transportation at room temperature and even heat for up to 90 days. As of May 2018, the growth hormone ATM is ranked 1st. Excellent drying, pumping, and all the properties that an athlete expects from quality somatropin. The average price of ATM Technologies hormone is 9,000 per 150 units. You can buy a special offer from us – link .

December 2018. The average price of growth hormone ATM Technologies increased by about 500 rubles. The quality is still very high. The disadvantage of the growth hormone ATM Technologies is that it is practically not represented anywhere and has a market share of less than 1%. There are no fakes yet.

We will follow, for updates on the growth hormone market, and make changes further, because the situation changes quite often. As of December 2018, it can be noted that, in general, new, unknown brands of growth hormone have appeared, and in general this area is beginning to develop. However, we will not post them in the review, since too little time has passed to draw conclusions and the brands have not yet had time to “run in”.

Growth hormone – reviews. Before and after

Everyone knows that growth hormone is used by athletes to gain muscle mass. And also for fat burning. But few have seen how the athlete transforms during the course. Surely it will be very interesting to know what changes occur with a person after taking growth hormone. Each is unique in its own way, and transformation occurs in different people in different ways. But still, we post a few photos of reviews before and after taking growth hormone, as an example, on our website..

Review 1

The main goal of the author of the review was fat burning. As we can see, he did it. Despite the poor quality of photos. Before the use of growth hormone, the person was “loose”, with a waist wider than shoulders and a high percentage of fat. And after completing the course, the waist decreased, the fat became less, a slight muscle relief appeared.

Review 2

The author of this review is engaged in powerlifting. And then one day, he wanted to work on the appearance before the summer. As a result of using growth hormone, the lifter looks much better. He gained about 7 kilograms of muscle mass, muscle relief appeared, excess fat was gone. Now you can even go to the stage…

Review 3

Mikhail Romanov, an athlete known to many, who has an excellent shape. At our request, he gladly shared his results of the full course of growth hormone Ansomon, which he took only 5 units per day. Read the review. Having opened the topic, you can see not only a description of how the growth hormone course took place, but also photos before and after using Ansomone. We hope this review will be of interest to you..

Rollback after a course of growth hormone

Surely, after seeing the results, a question arises. What happens after growth hormone withdrawal? How much is left of the score? The answer is simple, growth hormone does not increase cells in size, but increases their number, which remain with us for life. However, do not flatter yourself so much, because if you stop training and proper nutrition, then you will still begin to decrease in size. Therefore, you must always maintain a sports regime..

The photo has nothing to do with growth hormone, but it’s still very beautiful. So we decided to leave it here.

In this topic, we looked at a well-known product – growth hormone. Which is used by many athletes. It should be said that this is definitely an amazing, but not cheap drug that performs many useful functions, in addition to muscle growth and fat burning. This topic will be constantly updated. Fresh, interesting facts, as well as up-to-date information will be added.

Buy growth hormone

In our time, it is not difficult to do this. GR is sold in almost every city. Unfortunately, finding truly high-quality growth hormone is not so easy. After all, many sellers do not comply with storage conditions, sell expired goods or just a fake. Our online store invites you to buy excellent quality growth hormone, in compliance with all the necessary standards and at a good price. In our section you can see the current availability of certain brands of growth hormone. To order, write to our mail or VKontakte page .


Anabolic drugs can only be used as directed by a doctor and are contraindicated in children. The information provided does not call for the use or distribution of potent substances and is solely aimed at reducing the risk of complications and side effects.


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