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Why CTAcademy

10 years experienced & most trusted stock market advisory company in India. We guide “Mantra’s of Stocks Trading” strategies and predict market direction accurately by using our trading strategies and we give recommendations levels to you in advance (intraday/positional) i.e. before market opening for any particular Script/stock.

Trade Finder

Help to find tomorrow’s trade of Stock /Commodity/Currency today with high accuracy.

Financial Planing

We help to give a comprehensive look towards one’s futures financial needs, goals and portfolio management.


We guide “Mantra’s of Stocks Trading” strategies and Predict Market Direction Accurately

Trading Ideas & Reports

We generate recommendations with a profound understanding of mathematical calculations and market sentiment.

Our Products

Our products designed for investors and traders who trade in Intraday, positional and short and long term investment. And also help you to swim with the big sharks (professional & hedge funds traders)

Cash Intraday

We give Trade only with the current intraday trend and Trade strong stocks in an uptrend, weak stocks in an downtrend.

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Derivative Market

Large Cap Stocks

This service help to analyse winning stock using Techno-Funda Strategies for selecting long term investment recommendations

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Mid Cap Stocks

We give fundamentally strong mid cap stocks recommendations provides lower risk and high growth potential

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Small Cap Stocks

This service provides best of small cap companies eventually blossom into large successful companies.

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Index Future Calls

Nifty future and Bank Nifty future and we understood the best strategies how the professional traders and portfolio managers trade and earn huge profits.

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Derivative Market

Index Options Calls

This service calls based on Greeks, refer to simple concepts that can help us better understand the risk and potential reward of an option position.

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Stock Future calls

Stock Futures is basically an intraday and positional recommendations in Futures segment. This service is designed for traders who trade in Stock Futures.

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New Product

Stock Options Calls

Help of Stock Options you will get the best positional trading recommendations based on the level of the underlying market.

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Energy Calls

Energy trading (Crude Oil and Natural Gas) offers excellent opportunities to earn a profit in all market conditions due to its unique standing within the world’s economic and the political system.

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Derivative Market

Bullion Calls

The bullion sector is of volatility. We are ensuring accurate recommendations that can produce consistent profit for Intraday, Positional and Swing trading strategies.

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Base Metals

If you are looking for ways of hedging risk of implementing any variety of Intraday trading strategies, base metals may be an ideal way of achieving your market-related goals.

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Currency calls

Help of Currency trading you will get the best positional or intraday trading recommendations based on The Political Landscape, Inflation Rate, Interest Rate, Government Debt, Employment Data and Economic Planning.

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our Services

We provide best recommendations on the basis of in depth research of fundamental and technical analysis.


All recommendations will be sent on a real-time basis via telegram or whatsapp.


Accuracy rate is more 87.86% as per our previous records.


CTAcademy is more than 10 years experienced and most trusted stock market advisory company in India.


Analyse winning stock using Techno-Funda Strategies for selecting long term investment recommendations.


Provide customer service through phone, email, telegram, whatapps and live chat if possible, especially in market hours.


we give recommendations levels to you in advance (intraday/positional) i.e. before market opening for any particular Script/stock.

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Give recommendations levels to you in advance before the market opening.

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